Screen rotation iphone 6

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2019-09-22 22:17

While many apps support screen rotation, not all of them do. The home screen on the most iPhone and iPod touch models can't rotate (though it can on the iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus) and some apps are designed to only work in one orientation.iPhone 6 6 Plus 6s 6s Plus; iPhone SE; iPhone 7 7 Plus; iPhone 8 8 Plus; iPhone X. Access the Control Center by touching the bottom of any screen then dragging screen rotation iphone 6

Many iPhone 6 Plus owners have reported that Home Screen is not rotating. Here is how to troubleshoot this issue quickly.

screen rotation iphone

If you have an iPad with a Side Switch, you can set the Side Switch to work as a rotation lock or mute switch. Go to Settings General. Under Use Side Switch To, select the How can the answer be improved?screen rotation iphone 6

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