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2019-10-15 15:55

Their news radio app, NHK World Radio, will keep you updated with the latest of all news concerning Japan, including business and financial news as well as other news on Asia and global news. The news updates come in 14 different languages.It's an offline travel guide, which means that it doesn't use cellular data and can be safely used in airplane mode if you are traveling in Japan and don't have a roaming plan. This app is developed by travelers, for travelers, and has a variety of articles that are based on your current location and travel destination. must have apps when visiting japan

A musthave app for travel in Japan; the TOKAIDO SANYO SHINKANSEN RESERVATION APP is now available! JR Central released a new free smartphone app, the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Reservation App through which users may purchase tickets for the Tokaido Sanyo bullet train line, Japans main artery connecting Tokyo,

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The best iphoneipad travel apps for Japan, Japan. find more top apps at Mar 05, 2014  Re: Must have apps for trip to Japan 23: 17 If you have internet access on your phone at all times, Hyperdia or Japan Trains can be invaluable as anmust have apps when visiting japan The Must have Apps when travelling to JapanThere used to be a time The Must have Apps when travelling to Japan and how much a visit to the restaurant will

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Home China 10 MustHave Apps when visiting China (5 for people settling) 13 min read China, land of wonders, a mystery for many and clearly still one for us! If you are visiting soon or maybe even settling in, then be aware that your mobile phone will be your greatest ally in the challenges and triumphs to come. must have apps when visiting japan Our apps selection is here to save the day. Following is a detailed list of which the best apps for traveling in Japan are, the type of service they provide and how to use them.