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How to fix app crashing problems on your iPhone or iPad Posted by Gautam Prabhu on Jan 06, 2016 in Apple News, How To, iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, iPhone Troubleshooting One of the things we tend to take for granted is the stability of the iPhone and iPad apps.The reported crashing on startup has been fixed with the latest Comcast Xfinity TV update. The app has been updated to version and is now available for iDevices. xfinity iphone app crashes

Re: Xfinity Mobile IOS App is crashing My phone is an iPhone 7 Plus SIMFree unlocked that is currently being used on Sprint. I have the XFinity Mobile app on it because I have an LG X Charge phone that is shut off and not used.

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Xfinity Mobile IOS App is crashing Today I downloaded an update to the Xfinity Mobile App on IOS and it won't launch at all now. It briefly shows the app screen then crashes. Xfinity Voice Problems Because of the complications with how voice connections work, the Xfinity My Account app doesnt offer much to solve issues youre riddled with. In the Voice tab you can tap Common Problems& Solutions to read through something that might help you, like if youre having trouble setting up iphone app crashes The XFINITY TV app also now automatically gives you mobile access to the same TV channel lineup you have at home. It also lets you browse and tune to more of the On Demand TV shows and movies you expect.

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Jul 15, 2009 At any rate, I was driven to this Xfinity Connect app by that issue. For the first couple of years it was at least useable. Now it only works maybe 2030 of the time and it has never maintained my contacts. xfinity iphone app crashes Once again Apple demonstrating its complete disregard for the Canadian consumer by offering an app in the Canadian App Store that has