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Smartphone battery life over the years: A surprising study; Smartphone battery life over the years: A surprising study. Posted: 17 Jun 2016, 08: 13 and that same energy to get it running is the same for any phone. Smaller battery means shorter life, more the need to charge, which means more charging cycles spent, which means degrading theHow can the answer be improved? battery life phone chart

Jul 26, 2018 CNET editors picked the phones with the best cameras, screens and battery life.

battery life phone

Best phone battery life 2018: The best smartphones ranked; Best phone battery life 2018: The best smartphones ranked. Best phone battery life 2018: How we test Here's our smartphone battery life chart in full: Best phone battery life 2018. Read more InDepth. Advertisement. Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life. by Philip Michaels May 14, 2018, 4: 31 PM. There's longlasting phones, ZTE didn't cut back on features with its 229 Blade V8 Pro, and that includes the unlocked phone's battery life. Lasting more than 12 hours on our tests, the Blade V8 Pro will remain charged throughout a full day of use.battery life phone chart To some smartphone users, battery life is the single most important factor in choosing a phone. After all, the best smartphone in the world isnt worth much if you need to recharge it every few hours. The good news is that smartphone battery life has improved significantly in recent years

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Watch video We test the battery life of top Android phone, including the Galaxy S6, and pit them against the iPhone 6 crew. battery life phone chart Feb 19, 2015 The Whole Sad History Of iPhone Battery Life, In 1 Chart. If battery life is important to you, we recommend carrying an external battery pack or buying a phone that lets you switch out its battery, like a Samsung Galaxy S5. That way, once your battery gets burnt out, you can just replace it. 512 rows Welcome to the GSMArena battery life tool. This page puts together the stats for all battery life tests we've done, conveniently listed for a quick and easy comparison between models. You can sort the table by either overall rating or by any of the individual test components that's most important to