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2019-10-15 15:54

Android, iOS, LDPI, MDPI, HDPI, XDPI, XXDPI, XXXDPI, @1x, @2x, @3x, RetinaIve even given myself a headache with all these terms and abbreviations. Im sure youve heard of at least some of these terms, so youll know that Im talking about device screens and the resolutions of their [email protected], @2x, @3x is refering to pixel density, not screen size. There are two things to keep in mind here. There is the actual physical screen size, like 1440 x 900 points. @2x @3x android

Aaron has explained it well. The terms @2x and @3x are typically used for retina displays in iOS where the pixel density is twice the size of your original assets. One of the greatest features of Sketch is that it allows you to export assets in 1x

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Generate Mobile Assets for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Titanium directly from your browser, no uploads, no downloads @2x. @3x. Android. mdpi. hdpi. xhdpi. xxhdpi. xxxhdpi. Trim Hover me. One more thing Your design must based on 1x (mdpi). Your design better totally vector. Turn your live shapes into regular path. Recommend Articles: If LayerCraft saved your time. Make a donation to help keep development going.@2x @3x android [email protected]@2x @3x 3x @2x XCAsset

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iPhone 7 Plus @3xiPhone [email protected] [email protected]@2x @2x @3x android Android apps should provide 6 image sizes: ldpi (0. 75x), mdpi (1. 0x), hdpi (1. 5x), xhdpi (2. 0x), xxhdpi (3. 0x), and xxxhdpi (4. 0x). iOS apps should provide 3 image sizes: @1x (iPad 2 and iPad mini), @2x (iPhone 4s, iPhone I'm converting a iOS application to android. (using android studio) I have all my image as @2x. png So, My 2 questions: 1 Can I copy all my @2x to ONLY folder xhdpi , and android will auto a @2x image (Pixel Ratio of 1. 25) @3x image (Pixel Ratio of 2. 25) @4x image (Pixel Ratio of 3. 25) My question is what would be the best way to go about writing the media queries to achieve this? My primary concern is that my arguments are correct for what I'm trying to achieve. I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice you have.