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2019-10-15 15:57

The phone recognises this code and removes the SIM lock, allowing the phone to accept any compatible SIM card when it is inserted. CDMA Unlocking CDMA phones have the networks information programmed inside as opposed to on a SIM card, with therefore no SIM lock being needed.May 18, 2014 If your phone has a Sim Card Slot, Verizon uses that sim card to enable LTE. CDMA Technology is way too old to handle LTE Speeds. This is why Verizon bought the GSM Spectrum and starting using SIm Cards for their LTE Phones. cdma phone no sim slot

I recently purchased a Sprint iPhone 4 from Amazon along with a sim card from Straight Talk. Upon trying to insert the sim card I noticed there was no sim slot.

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CDMA and GSM dual SIM phones have gained a market thats at the potentiality of growth, and with the smartphone manufacturers ensuring more such models being pumped into the markets, the consumers can rest assured for the multi utility of devices becoming so feasible. One is a CDMA phone (Verizon) while the other one (AT& T, TMobile) is a GSM phone. They do have different hardware. So it is not as easy as cutting a slot in the case, the SIM card reader will have to be connected to something that is not supported by the CDMAcdma phone no sim slot If your iPhone doesn't have a SIM card slot it probably is the iPhone 4 CDMA version. Both the iPhone 4S sold on GSM and CDMA have the model no. A1387 on the back of the glass. The iPhone 4S sold in China has the model no. A1431 on the back.

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Typical parameters contained in a SIM card tell the phone which network it can get service on, which network it is allowed to be in roaming service and corresponding authentication keys. Previously it was a common practice for CDMA(3GPP2) to have cdma phone no sim slot Jan 06, 2012  It has no sim card slot to take my sim. The SIM tray on an iPhone 4S activated on CDMA carrier displays both the MEID and IMEI number as 15 digits. The MEID number uses the first 14 digits, disregarding the last digit, and the IMEI number uses all 15 digits. Some GSM carriers may not store the phone number on the SIM The reason why the iPhone 4 from Sprint doesnt have a slot for a SIM card is that Sprint is a CDMA carrierthey don't use SIM cards for some phones as the technology is built into the cell phones themselves. Does not include AT& T Contract, CDMA Verizon phone only, does NOT have a SIM card slot Version 4. 2 or most recent version Fully restored, includes all original applications