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2019-10-15 16:00

Question: Q: Stuck calendar badge after invite? Help! We are both using iCloud calendars. This happens on my iPhone and iPad. How to fix? ? More Less.In Calendar app, I clicked the button to add an event. When I'm done filling all the event details out, I click the blue Done button in upper right corner. It adds my event but it won't leave the Add Event page. I'm stuck on that page whenever I'm in the Calendar app. iphone calendar invite stuck

The iPhone user creates a new appointment in Outlook and uses a distribution group as an attendee; the meeting organizer (iPhone user) is also part of the distribution group. The Meeting organizer sends the appointment from Outlook.

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How can the answer be improved? One of my calendars is stuck on my iPhone. I tried to doubleclick the home button, but the Calendar app is not one of the icons showing in the task bar, so Iiphone calendar invite stuck Aug 01, 2018 When I create a calendar item and invite others, the invitations get stuck in the outbox and never send. Regular mail messages send just fine. This is a relatively new computer.

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Aug 12, 2016  I got a event invite from my wife for event next Friday. The event shows correctly in calendar but also show Inbox (1) in lower right corner with message explaining the new event. Normally these inbox messages clears when you click the ok button but now nothing happens: Here I click ok: I have no idea how to clear the list iphone calendar invite stuck Oct 18, 2015 Stuck calendar badge after invite? The badge is stuck at 1. We are both using iCloud calendars. This happens on my iPhone and iPad. Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook's calendar with your Apple iPhone's calendar How to Delete a Windows Outlook Invite From an calendar application with How to Fix: iPhone X876 Calendar Problems. 1. Calendar Events Disappeared or Unable to Add New Events. If you are using iCloud calendar or other cloud calendar service: Check whether your iPhoneiPad is correctly connected to the Internet first. Outlook has a dedicated calendar tool that enables you to create and manage local calendars and to work 3 Delete a Windows Outlook Invite From an iPhone Calendar;