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2019-11-13 10:57

Using Viber till WhatsApp voice call. Viber over WhatsApp I really like this application in my windows phone. Skype is lot better see how it goes. I've been using wechat for voice and even video call for quite sometime, does it really takes that long to release the free call to Windows phone.Facebook recently dropped support for its apps on Windows Phone 8. 1, but the company appears to be fully committed to WhatsApp for Microsofts mobile platform. Believe it or not, there is a big update coming for WhatsApp for Windows Phone. The report claims that the update will introduce the group calling feature. windows phone whatsapp calling

WhatsApp support team in an emailed reply to a Windows Phone user revealed the news and said, WhatsApp Calling for your platform [Windows Phone is still in the works.

windows phone whatsapp

How to make WhatsApp calls from Windows Phone In order to make new WhatsApp call from Windows Phone, navigate to conversation view under chats and spot the call icon in the bottom app bar. Click on the call button to initiate WhatsApp call. You can view call history of individual contacts by clicking on info which also shows up the WhatsApp Calling lets you call your friends and family using WhatsApp for free, even if theyre in another country. Currently, WhatsApp Calling is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. WhatsApp Calling uses your phones Internet connection rather than your cellular plans voice phone whatsapp calling How to make a call using WhatsApp on a Windows 10 Mobile phone Launch WhatsApp from the App List on your Windows 10 Mobile phone. Tap Calls or swipe right to view your call log. Tap the phone button at the bottom of your screen (looks like an oldschool phone receiver). Tap the contact you'd like to call (I chose my friend Mark)

Free Windows phone whatsapp calling

WhatsApp currently offers VOIP calling to their Android users, with iPhone users still waiting due to platform restrictions. . The good news for Windows Phone users is that WhatApp support has now confirmed that the company is working on bringing the feature to Windows Phone also. windows phone whatsapp calling WhatsApp web doesnt support calling feature. But you can achieve this using any of the emulators such as Bluestacks [1 Nox App Player [2 Hope it helps! Anirudh Anirudh Mergu The Official Website 1.