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Hi, I'm trying to get an instance handle for a console application. Can I use getmodulefilename and getmodulehandle? Is that handle the same thing as the instance handle? I've found conflicting data on whether it is or isn't. CreateWindow seems to like it, but I want to be sure what handle I have.If I have a console application with a handle to it set up like so; HWND hWnd GetConsoleWindow(); Then how do I set up a new wndProc for the window? I tried using SetWindowLong(hWnd, GWLWNDPR get hwnd console application

Can someone tell me how to get the handle of a Windows console application in C# ? In a Windows Forms application, I would normally try this. Handle. c# console hwnd

get hwnd console

Get hWnd by window's class name using WinAPI FindWindow function. Window does not have hWnd (long) identifier only. It also has a string identifier, class name. Class name (class) is a permanent identifier. It does not change when window recreates. It is not generated randomly, it is not given by programmer. Oct 29, 2001 I have a Console App that I created under NT with VC 6. 0. I need to figure out how to get the hWnd handle for the console(DOS) window? ? Or is there one? ?get hwnd console application Retrieves the window handle used by the console associated with the calling process. The return value is a handle to the window used by the console associated with the calling process or NULL if there is no such associated console. To compile an application that uses this function, define WIN32

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Apr 16, 2018  How To Obtain a Console Window Handle (HWND) Content provided by Microsoft. Summary. It may be useful to manipulate a window associated with a console application. The Win32 API provides no direct method for obtaining the window handle associated with a console application. However, you can obtain the window handle get hwnd console application Mar 26, 2014  I am testing with Windows 8 Release Preview, using a win32 console app written using Microsoft Visual C 2010 Express. I tried to debugging process explorer using assembly and found that it passed a particular HWND to SetForegroundWindow function. If I modify my code to hard code this HWND pointer C# Getting the Window Handle (HWND) from a Hidden Window. I need to start a process as a hidden window (see the example code below). I then need to get and save the window handle (i. e. the HWND) for later processing. Normally I would use a call to MainWindowHandle to do this (as shown in the sample code) but because the window Sep 04, 2012 GO to your Console Application Project Properties window Select 'Application' Select the value 'Windows Application' for the 'Output Type' dropdown. Now run. . You will not see the console window You will not see the console window