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The 10 Best Basic Cell Phones to Buy in 2018 Sometimes, all you need is just a plain phone with no bells and whistles Whether you call them a dumb phone or a feature phone, basic phones are still relevant for many. To help you pick the right one for you, weve rounded up a list of most popular nonsmartphones on the marketBest basic phones of 2015 CNET That said, I can say that Kyocera makes good, sturdy dumb phones. They can be a bit tricky to get activated, but they're almost bulletproof once you have them up and running. best dumb phone verizon 2015

For some people, a phone that makes phone calls, maybe keeps track of our phone numbers, and is easy to text on is more than enough. Whether its to save money on mobile data or to keep complexity down, this week were looking at five of the best regular feature phones (also known as dumbphones), based on your

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Best basic phones from Verizon. Check out these simple phones that wont buzz, ding and ping you every 30 seconds. Verizon Mobile Living Jul 14, 2015. Connect an Android phone to a Mac. Verizon Mobile Living May 06, 2018. This year, the top phones overall from Verizon Wireless so far are a mix of highend and midrange smartphones and some rugged phones as well. This carrier has a wide selection of phone models and manufacturers, but Phonerated's ranking aims to keep things simple by listing the 10 best Verizon phones of 2018 based on an average ofbest dumb phone verizon 2015 On the downside, battery life isnt the best around when compared to other dumb phones. Plus, since theres no 3G connectivity at all this phone will NOT operate on Threes mobile network (though should work just fine with most other major operators).

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Best Basic Cell Phone With QWERTY keyboard. The LG Exalt 2 also comes a QWERTY keyboard so is also our pick for the best basic phone with QWERTY keyboard. best dumb phone verizon 2015 Since it's around 50 years old and still working, I'd say it's the best dumb phone. Simplify Your Mobile Life: 5 'Dumb' Phone Alternatives. by Keith Wagstaff May. 26. 2015 5: 13 PM ET Updated save some cash, get a phone for their kids, or just want a backup in case they break their iPhone