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2019-10-15 15:55

Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8. 1 on Wednesday, and confirmed reports that the new OS includes Microsoft's first voiceactivated digital assistant, called Cortana. Windows Phone 8. 1 will include a voiceactivated digital assistant called Cortana.Cortana, Meet DataBot: Another Entertaining Windows Phone Digital Assistant. Home Applications Cortana, Meet DataBot: Another Entertaining Windows Phone Digital Assistant. Its true that Cortana is one of the spotlight features of Windows that would be pretty difficult to eclipse. windows phone digital assistant

Set up requires Cortana app for Windows 10 PC or phone, Android or iPhone (requires Android version or higher, or iPhone 4 with iOS 8. 0 or higher).

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But digital assistantsthe new breed of smartphone data butlers designed to make our lives simplerhave yet to climb out of their cribs. This holds true for Cortana, the digital assistant built into Windows Phone 8. 1, which Microsoft released as a Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8. 1, [7 Microsoft Band, Xbox One, [8[9 iOS, Android, [10 and Windows Mixed phone digital assistant Cortana is the name for the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator for Windows Phone 8. 1 and Windows 10. Cortana builds off Microsoft's previous voice technology called TellMe, purchased by Microsoft in 2009. Cortana competes against Apple's Siri and Android's Google Now voice assistants.

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The Windows 8. 1 rollout was the center piece of the show, but all eyes were on the personal digital assistant for Windows Phone 8. 1, Cortana. windows phone digital assistant Training Cortana To get the most out of Cortana, you need to tell her about your interests. The first time you click the search area in the Windows 10 taskbar, Cortana will pop up and ask for a few basic permissionsvoice and digital The basic setup shouldnt even take a minute. Nov 30, 2017 Learn about Cortana, the personal assistant for Windows Cortana is your digital you can set Cortana to sync notifications between your PC and phone. Apr 10, 2014  Hands on with Cortana, Windows Phone's digital assistant. Jefferson Graham goes hands on with Microsoft's new personal digital assistant, Cortana, coming to Windows Phones in June. He gets a sneak peek on