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Open the phone app, click on the three dots. Click on the blocked calls. Click on the hamburger menu to navigate in the Block and Filter app. You can also block and unblock calls without navigating into the app. Refer this article for details.Jailbroken iPhone users can grab iBlackList), and Symbian and Windows Mobile users can grab Norton Smartphone Security. If you are running Android, you've got a couple of options: If you are running Android, you've got a couple of options: windows mobile block sms

This means you first need to receive a SMS or a call from a certain person in order to be able to block hisher number. How To Block Calls On NonLumia Windows Phones. Smartphones running Windows Phone but not from the Lumia lineup have another option, slightly different, capable of blocking calls, but not SMS.

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Windows Phone 8 and 8. 1 allows you to block incoming calls and SMS messages from people you dont want to hear from. Heres how to set it up to start blocking. Block Phone Numbers on Windows Phone 8. 1. To block a number go to System Settings and scroll down and tap CallSMS filter. Then agree to the service terms and privacy policy. New Block And Filter Feature In Windows 10 For Phones Settings App. by Pradeep. @pradeepviswav. Mar 23, 2015 at 20: 52 GMT 3 years ago. As Microsoft released Windows 10 developer tools preview today, it included new Windows 10 for phones emulator as well. This new emulator revealed few new features in Windows 10 forwindows mobile block sms Yesterday we covered in detail about the new Amber update from Nokia and the GDR2 update from Microsoft. One of the important features added with the Amber update from Nokia is the ability to block calls and SMS on your Windows Phone 8.

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Microsoft is closing down its old Call SMS app for Windows 10 Mobile users to make way for the new Block and Filter feature. The Call SMS received one final update today, informing users of its shut down. windows mobile block sms May 30, 2016 How to block calls and SMS for Lumia 540 Windows 10 mobile Original Title[regarding blocking of certain calls andsms I recently updated Lumia 540 from 8. 1 to 10. I am unable to block calls and sms. The call and sms filter is not in the settings. Kindly help me in this case. It was very much in the previous version. If the number you want to block is not in the call log but is in your sms, all you have to do is longtap on that sms, and choose block number. Remove a