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Apr 01, 2013 Hi! I wanted to get the Nokia Lumia 920 in may but I wanted to know if you could have emojis like the iPhone emojis installed on the keyboard Thanks: )Reading emoticons on your Nokia Lumia 800. This step is crucial for proper handling. It consists in checking whether the emoticons are read by your Nokia Lumia 800. Simply go to your web browser and type Emoji in the search bar. After that, your results page will be displayed and you will see if your Nokia Lumia 800 is able to read emojis, smileys emoticons do nokia lumia

If you want to add a little something something to your contacts, we ran across a way to add emoticons to your contact's name over in the Windows Phone Central Forums. All you need to do is start a text message and add the emoticon of your choice. From there, highlight and copy that emoticon.

emoticons do nokia

have a new Nokia Lumia 710. The smiley faces (emoticons) on the keyboard are incomprehensible how can I get them to display as pictures and An EMOTICON is a representation of a facial expression and it is formed by various combinations of keyboard symbols or characters. If you want to have emoticons on your nokia Lumia 710, you can do it by following these:emoticons do nokia lumia What to do to integrate the smileys on your Nokia Lumia 520 Enable smileys on Nokia Lumia 520. Put emoji within a SMS is done with the keyboard. First, you will need to check the Android version of your Nokia Lumia 520.

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How do i get emoticons for the nokia lumia 800, is it possible cause the phone is windows? Emoticons on nokia lumia 710 are just punctuation, no smiley face or? emoticons do nokia lumia Feb 13, 2013 Nokia Lumia 820 Emoticons in text threads not displaying properly Hi, I've had my Nokia Lumia 820 for about a month. when I send SMS messages all the emoticons available show up fine to the recipient fine. A number of icons on the display show different settings. Follow these easy instructions to getting to know the display icons. The battery icon shows the remaining battery power. Emoticons should not be treated as pictures at least it does not for me (on o2 Network). please check if you have activated the Group text option in your messaging settings. If so your texts will be sent as an MMS if you choose multiple recipients.